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Male (CD admirer)  
Houston, Texas, United States
Body type:
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dont smoke 
Drink occassionally 
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CrossDressing Scene, Stockings and High Heels 
About me:

I consider myself a happy, healthy and financially secure cosmopolitan guy with eclectic taste. I am quite adventurous, a little spontaneous and passionate about my interests and fetishes. I know what I want and will go after it! I am most creative when it comes to romance. I’m intensely sexual. I am into basorexia (aroused by intense kissing) and I am a sapiosexual (aroused by intelligence). I don’t cook, so I eat out nearly every day. I like board games. I have been known to take in a movie, go to a museum, a symphony or a play periodically. I like reading science fiction and courtroom drama, I am into music of every genre known to man. I want to participate or have participated in every water sport imaginable. I like the outdoors and I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. I travel to Europe for three weeks once a year. I travel extensively both domestically (44 US states)and internationally (10 countries), including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, The Virgin Islands, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England, and Spain. I will be going to Iceland in January 2021 if COVID-19 is not a threat.

About my match:

I am a top looking for someone who epitomizes the “daughter of the devil himself as well as an angel in white,” a total bottom and can handle my high sex drive, likes to travel, is cool with sexual experimentation and learning, is okay with sex outdoors. Someone that likes being in good company, romanced and likes being wrapped in my strong arms. What does guy have to do to date one of you ladies?

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