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Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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About me:
About me.... I am really just a regular guy, with body hair, who does regular guy things. Not particularly attractive, but not ugly either. Very average. However, I have a desire and hobby to dress as a leggy, sexy bimbo, always in pantyhose and short outfits (many times without a skirt so you can see my pantyhose legs all the way up!), and high heels. The higher, the better. I am quite skilled at walking in high heels. Underneath it all, "it" is locked in a tiny chastity cage or belt. Always. My outfits are assembled in a way where all of my body hair is concealed. This means my arms are akmost always covered, belly/back etc is always covered, and 2 pairs of tan dance tights cover my leg hair. I tried shaving in the past, but I do need to be as discreet as possible... it is hard to explain why you shave your body hair and leg hair to people! So, you can say that I am just a dude who traps himself in a spandex/ nylon woman suit! Please keep this in mind if you choose to pursue me in any way. Hairy guy, girl costume. Got it? What I am looking for, in no particular order: Females and fellow trans/cds: I love hearing from females who think I am sexy, especially Dommes! Any female who contacts me gets my full attention. I love to hear your comments, and I would be thrilled to meet you to collaborate in photos/ videos, or to dress me up like your personal doll, and other things you can think up. Not really looking for sex, mostly to be touched and admired, and photographed. Roleplay is fun! If we get to know each other over time, it could possibly be expanded into more. Regardless, you get first dibs on me lol! Especially if you willing to join me wearing your pantyhose and heels. Men.... I always struggle with this because a lot of you guts dont really understand what i want, lol. Photographers are always welcome, especially for light bondage. Yes, I am open to collaborating with you guys in pics/videos, especially in scenes where I am a damsel in distress. If you DM me, please give me a very detailed message about what you like to do when looking at my pics... what you fantasize about... what you would like to do with me...or to me.... I am not here to chit chat and make small talk. Not into sub men at all. Love hearing from much older Dom men, especially big men. To get my attention, you should be well versed in forced feminization fantasies, such as turning a straight man into your feminized play slave. I can also meet Dom men....nothing sexual other than make me dance for you. All of you: I want opportunities to dress and go out in public, while you film/ watch! Ideas? Travel is limited to inside WI. You are welcome to travel to me! Lol Cant host, wont are fine. Your discretion and my discretion is a must. Trust and sanity also required! Lastly..... the chastity and pantyhose always stay on....ALWAYS! Trixie, aka Carrie