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Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom
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Hi i'm Melonie or Mel or which ever u prefer : Thank you to all who have left kind comments on my Guest Book page all are greatly appreciated i do try my best to portray my feminine persona. I Am single so I try to Go out dressed every weekend and i tend to update my pics after my latest nights or days out its amazing how many venues there are to go to i always seem to find a place to go to every weekend to have an amazing time out dressed and socialising as Melonie. I Am lucky to have met many T Girls on my nights out who i have kept in touch with and meet at Leeds or Pinks or Glasgow or Edinburgh.I am happy to chat here to alll it’s nice to get different points of views from Admirers as well as other T Girls and CDs. My image i portray is one that id like to see a real girl look like, sadly ive never met a real girl who dresses or looks like Melonie. I Am currently getting lazer hair removal treatments to my face to increase my femininity. I Also get a full body wax once a month. I have blonde hair when out i have several wigs now so i tend to play around with different hair styles i have settled on Blonde hair now though. My eyes are green im a petite 5/5 tall size 7 shoe/ i get a full body wax once a month so body is hair free/ i love wearing boots, i have a decent shoe collection as well so if im in the mood ill wear high heeled court shoes, i also like pussy bow satin blouses which i now have 15 in all different colours. Occasionally ill wear a dress but i prefer to wear a skirt and a satin blouse with either boots or shoes when out. I am comfortable going out dressed daytimes as well as evenings have recently been out shopping daytime as Melonie and really enjoyed the daytime going out experience.