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I am:
Male (CD admirer) 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Body type:
Few Extra 
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dont smoke 
Do not drink 
Marital status:
CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Mini Skirts, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings, Sissy Maid Training 
About me:

Big guy, wears glasses. Does not drink does not smoke and does not do drugs. I am not a CD but appreciate those who are. I am not into any form of kinky sex, but like to hug, kiss....and explore with you.

About my match:

Should be a nice sub CD who can entertain and possibly likes to have (her) bum spanked on occasion.....and according to (her) limits. I am willing to travel within a reasonable range especially in Canada and the US

Reason for joining:
CrossDressing fun. 
Recent activity
robert430 wrote:

What was it like the first time you let someone get down on you and give you a nice bj?


It always is amazing. I finish soon fast with man rather than go. I got more excited.

robert430 wrote:

Are you strictly "closet" or do you sometimes dare going out wearing (at least) nylons and heels?

robert430 wrote:

What do you, how do you react, if-when you're on the bus or in the subway and sense that someone is feeling you up?

robert430 posted a new blog:
It's fine to suggest to people that they should have or make a budget. of course some people have zero money or can hardly make ends meet on meagre salaries. Other people have tons of cash, have no idea how to deal with money (or care to know) and oftentimes drop in a deep hole. Others have the means to…
robert430 wrote:

As someone is about to feel you you prefer to be wearing pantyhose....or nylons and cute silk panties?

robert430 wrote:

I think I'd like to be somebody's grandfather for a day....a fantasy of yours?

robert430 posted a new blog:
Call me weird, but I find it strange when people go to restaurants and take the time to take a picture of the food they ordered, pictures of a particular dish in front of them. Ok: why do they do this? I suppose people never do this when they "dine" at some greasy-spoon Is it to show ho…
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In one of Dan Brown's novels. Can't remember which. But it shows the Pope (a pope of recent times) in bad physical health. He walks around with the aid of his walker on which he has also all his pills and meds...and his oxygen bottle. So one day you see him sitting at his desk. Possibly reminiscing…
robert430 posted a new blog:
A couple of years ago a huge guy retired from the NFL (linebacker or such). Wrote a biography in which he said that after the games he would join the other guys and go to the bars and clubs, pick up a woman or two,leave the place with them, then give them their money, say thank you and go home to be with his…
robert430 posted a new blog:
It is surely the fantasy of many....but the (Lucky?) reality for others where you have one hetero couple in which the womane is dominant and the other pretty much her doll, her puppet, her toy to play with. She dresses (him) as she pleases, her favorite is the French Maid's outfit which he will wear when…
robert430 posted a new blog:
I Wonder if CDs "play" housewives as well. A number of me are CDs on the side and in secret, some are in Rships and the wife knows about it and agrees with it. Question is: does the wife in actual fact like to wear the pants while hubbie wears the dress, the whig, the make-up and all.........and pre…
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"Odi Amo". Two sides of a vey very thin coin. Love is blind and all that and as long as it lasts........but what happens when the sugar coating is gone and the daly business serts in? The reality always means money, and habits, and "discovering" the true nature of the other. People can and…
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Neuschwanstein ("New Stone Swan") castle in Bavaria is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful castles in the world. Ok: unfinished and a bit of an empty shell due to the untimely death of Ludwig II. He accessed to the throne when barely 18, almost married the sister of his famed cousin Princess S…
robert430 posted a new blog:
So this "gurl" is proud to show her chest. In her mind she is Marilyn Monroe with a nice set of 36B or such. Of course in real life (she) is as flat chested as the girl next door who can only dream of one day having enough money to get herself a nice boob job to enhance the curves and go with her wi…

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