I am:
Argenton-sur-Creuse, Centre, France
Body type:
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dont smoke 
Drink too much 
Make Up, Nail Care, CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Hair care, Stockings and High Heels 
About me:

I am very sociable but no pushover! I am Intelligent and getting older sadly, but maybe not so bad - happens to the best of us!
I like to dress all day and most days but not always practical sadly. Looking for some new friends.
Born in London but have lived in France for almost 12 years. I am creative, artistic, musical and cook good food. I have been through 2 marriages and a long term relationship with women and have 2 children. For the past 4 years I have lived on my own with my cat. I started quite young dressing in my sister's and mothers clothes and continued through my life although in secret! Now I am enjoying the freedom to do what I like and have been out shopping dressed as a woman this year, not as easy being in another country. I feel comfortable and happy dressed this way and have been considering hormone treatment but major concerns in view of my age. Hair and body shape are not helping! Diet and exercise in the springtime will help
Nobody knows what I do but maybe it's just a matter of time. I live in a village :)

About my match:

I would like to make contact with those who can understand / relate to the above.
I am indifferent really to who it is as I imagine it will be via the internet and/or emails, but who knows?
Please don't be vulgar please darlings x

Reason for joining:
For all the reasons 
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  • sophie36

    I love anything that has a little sparkle in it Wink

  • PanziMaid

    mon Dieu ! .. cold here too -5*c tonight .. i like that top .. very sensual

  • sophie36

    Thanks, Gemma xxx
    It's so cold here this morning I had to do something to take my mind off it being -5C brrrrr!

  • Gemmamcg

    Looking good Missy. X

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    enchanté sophie x