We have an excellent safety record due to our warm and loving community. We do not take any prisoners when it comes to rude, insulting or racist behaviour. However, to keep you safer, below we have listed some advice relating to your on and offline activities in the hope it will be useful in keeping your encounters a little safer and more enjoyable.

Keeping your login safe
Keeping your credentials safe is very important, because allowing access to our account will give access to all your personal messages, friends and much more. Below we have set out just some of the ways you can protect your login.

  • Use a complex password. Using a complex (hard to guess) yet easy to remember password is really not as difficult as it sounds. We always advice using a mixture of capitals, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Always better to use hard to guess phrases instead of one word.

    As an example something in these formats: "MyCatHenryis8yearsold" or "(%)I(%)love(%)MyCar(%)".

  • Do not write down your password. If you forget it, you can always reset your password using your email account that you registered with. Click here to reset your password (obviously, you must be logged out for the reset link to work).

Never use your pet's names, place names, relative's names, date of birth or other easy to guess passwords which someone that knows you may know answers to or you may have revealed in a conversation.

It is also important to use different password for different accounts across the web. Never use the same password on more than one account because if one of your online accounts get compromised, hackers will try that password on other account.

Reporting a member
If you feel someone has joined our community for the wrong reasons you can report them using the report link on the profile. You can find out more about reporting by clicking here.