In this page we cover why ClubCrossDressing is a subscription service and it's benefits.

Firstly, we are a business and as businesses go, it provides jobs, livelihoods and also a great professional online service for the CrossDressing Community. Running such a service of course is not without cost and ClubCrossDressing is without exception.

  • Overheads are huge
    Your subscriptions contributes towards servers, technical team, advertising, software, bandwidth, security, licenses and staff wages but to name a few. Without your subscriptions we could not sustain such a site and service.
  • Quality of free and paid sites
    With some free sites as you can imagine sometimes there can be little culpability, if any at all. Usually people who subscribe steer away from undesirable behaviour than rather get banned and lose the remainder of their subscription/money. When it is a free site, there is little to lose except an account or profile.
  • Scammers and Spammers
    Scammers in our experience tend not to use paid sites as they would not use their own credit cards for criminal activity that can be traced back to them.
  • Safety and Tracability
    As mentioned earlier, law breakers and “undesirables" rarely use their own credit cards as they can be traced. So it is usually far safer to have messages sent by people who subscribe.

The above are just a few of the many benefits to subscription sites. We hope you enjoy ClubCrossDressing and its many features for many years to come and help it remain one of the most reputable sites around for the crossdressing community.