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A great place to make new friends, also meet people that understand you how your going through your changes,understand how your feeling.Help if needed is there. all you have to do is just ask.


I have been a member for a couple of months. I am very happy to have joined the Club CrossDressing, best thing or second best thing I have done this year and I have made nice friends and chat with very interesting members or persons that came to see what was on this site. I hope that they will also join us and become friends. This Covid-19 has been easier to live with with such a great site. I hope to chat or exchange with you in a near futur.


I love CCD. It's my virtual home. It's a place e that I can be me and nobody judges me. I can pour out my dreams and frustrations, my desires and my fears. Thank you. Charlotte x


love this site been here a few yrs now and made a lot of cute and sexy friends, always felt welcome from the very first day ...Thanks |Club CrossDressing


I am pleased that you give us a place to be ourselves. A place where we can hear from people just like us.


Hi all. I have been on this site for years now and have met lot's of good friend on here, good to chat on and good for photos. Don't worry about age, that's only a number and what sort of person counts most on here so come in and start chatting. xx


This has has been a great place to meet and chat with like minded people. I love chatting with other cd's, tv's women and men here and hope to make many new friends. I would recommend the site for anyone enjoying or newly venturing into this lifestyle.


Club CrossDressing if the ideal place for me as a crossdresser. Here I can communicate with other people that share the same interests as me. It is perfect!


Hello my name is Eliza, I have been a member of Club Cross Dressing over 4 years. It’s a wonderful website to visit, and the members are pleasant and understanding. Thank you Club Cross Dressing for being there and all your support. Eliza


I haven't been on this site long really. So I haven't found my self round as easy as it probably should be. What I have found out tho , it is operated as it should be so that says a lot . However , just because the site covers all the areas of trans gender, it is not at all responsible of a persons progress, as in life , we all have opinions attractions , and it's oneself who fills out the details of what's they are looking 4 . paula