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I love looking at all these beautiful women. And handsome men. I wish some of them live a little closer. I love to be a CD at home. But would like to meet over CD or men, who would like to have some fun. I would like to be with another CD to talk. I would even like it if they wanted to move in with me.


Wow, this SITE WORKS, 8 friends in 24hours. I was feeling lonely, but hope that might change. great work CCD.

Sharon ann

I never thought, I would get any replies, but I have. The site does work. Thank you

Sharon ann

This is one of my favorite CD sites. The people are friendly and you can learn so much about the and their country of origin. Whatever your appetites are can be found here. Enjoy your visit and join for more intimate viewing.


This is a little premature given the fact I just joined today, but I will say that, so far I really like what I have seen. The people I've met so far are very nice & friendly & I have even joined one group & started another. I see a great relationship in the making, this is just what I have been looking for. Thank you very much. Joanne


this site is fuck up. you do a pass word and the next time you go in. it doesn't work. Reply from CCD: It does work. You simply entered the wrong credentials.


Hi I know I have joined a fantastic dating site there are plenty of all kinds of other members here as well and I get well looked after if I have got any problems, so good LUCK to the site and all new and old members thanks..


Yes said it B4 , a very good organised site f maybe for everyone , with Gender issues, and with to chat , Date , or even the long & Winding Road . It’s no Crime , everyone starts somewhere, and lots of reasons & permutations, your choice , well , lied , lots have stumbling blocks , look about ? Your Not ALONE xx


i love what i see on this side. a lot of beautiful lady's and a lot of handsome men. now if 1 of them would just like to hook of with me.


Well done on your Revamp , the new site looks Fab . x