1. Why are there asterisks (*) on some of my content?
To maintain certain standards, our system algorithm filters and blocks certain words that may be considered offensive and replaces them with an asterisks. This includes hyperlinks in public areas.

2. Why are links to other sites banned?
We do not permit links to third party sites for obvious reasons. Some are to do with safety while others prevent spam and advertising.

3. Why can I see my images but others can't?
When you upload an image, a moderator will check to see if it breaches our Image Standards during that time images will not be "live" (in the public view) until approved. Another reason maybe because it has been declined. If it is declined you will see an indication of this in the thumbnail.

4. Why am I not getting any email notification?
Some email providers can confuse legitimate emails relayed from a server as Spam. Always check your Junk/Bulk mail folder and add the emails to your approved lists. We find Gmail to be the best so far.

5. Why are my email to customer care being ignored?
We answer every email received usually within a few hours if received during office hours. When our Customer Care team are really busy, this may be longer. However we will rely, please be patient.

Important: Our customer care teams are comprised of real people. We will not respond to rude, abusive or threatening emails and we will immidiately cease all communication. Any persistent communication that is deemed abusive will be logged, stored and may be reported accordingly.

6. Why do I get friend request/gifts etc but when I log in I don’t see them?
This could happen if the person sending the gift, friend request etc may have been deleted by our moderators for breach of community guidelines or acceptable user policy or they may have requested to be deleted themselves before you logged in.

7. When I try and login, it says email doesn't exist.
We take violations against our content and image standards very seriously. Users are warned right from the signup page, profile editing page and other pertinent places on our site to respect our standards, which makes ClubCrossDressing such a great community - so there is no excuse.

If you are adamant that you were registered with our site, the chances are your account may have been deleted by a moderator or our algorithm. Sometimes if a profile gets enough reports from other users, the system will also automatically delete accounts also. We suggest before creating another account you read the following:

Please Note: Persistent offenders will be blocked.