What makes a good dating profile

What makes a good dating profile

Most people join ClubCrossDressing because is it a club, dating site and meeting point for people who are interested in crossdressing. But some still do not understand this and create vulgar profiles which belong on a hookup site. These accounts are usually deleted the minute they are written and never make public view.

A successful dating site profile should include the things you like and enjoy as past times and not what sexual activities you want to conduct with someone in a dark alley. A profile is about you and how great you are and why people should make friends with you or date you.

A profile is a place to project yourself. A place where you can talk about your interest and aspirations. The type of person you would like to meet and the type of relationship you are looking for.

Some DON’Ts for a decent profile.

  • Do not put contact info on your profile. You would not go shop lifting or steal a car. So don’t try and steal from us. It will make you look cheap and make you also very unpopular with VIP Members. it’s also a quick way to get kicked off the site and banned.
  • Do not upload pornography. Uploading indecent images is like flashing indecently in public. By uploading indecent images you are subjecting others to view these images without their consent. You would not do it in real life, so don’t do it on CCD. It’s a sure way to get in trouble just like in real life. So save it for your private messages with other consenting members.
  • Do not put something similar to “I am not a VIP yet” on your profile, you will look stupid. Everyone knows you are not a VIP as there is not star superimposed on your profile image.

So, there you have it. We hope this article will help you to write a better profile and increase your interactions with other crossdressing fanatics out there.