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I am:
Berkeley, California, United States
CrossDressing Fashion,, Crossdressing in Stockings and Suspenders, 
About me:
I am not sure what exactly I am doing here but I will figure it out eventually. I do like checking out pictures of other cross-dressers. I find that we can be very arousing. I like posting my own pictures. I am not out to very any people here. Having a place to post is great and it feels nice when someone says they like one of mine (people are kind). I am single now and like it like that. My favorite pastimes are riding E-bikes around the UC Berkeley campus and masturbating. I really like the look and feel of garters to girdles as long as I can hook up stockings. Panties, slips, and anything soft and silky like that is a plus. Hooking up with others is scary to me but who knows what can happen. Anything is possible. The name "Sossity" is from a song done by and obscure band that nobody ever heard of called Jethro Tull. I love the song and adapt to anything Ian Anderson. Just another bit of strangeness that is my charm.

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