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Hiyee Admin, it's so fabulous to be part of this wonderful site xxx

I have had a lot of reply's from some very nice people some that live to far away for any physical meetings BUT I have via your site meet someone local and we have met & we spent a great day together being dressed (and I did lunch!!)

not much but sweet & sour chicken with stir fried rice cannot fail
with the age of WWW
I'm so glad that this CCD exist without looking at this website on a daily basis
would make it extremely hard for me to get through my day
Love the site and its a great forum to interact with fellow LGBTs.

Only problem is that it permits very small and low quality images which discourages posting photos.

Pls open the Photo Size restrictions.

Reply from CCD:
Thank you for your kind words. This was not a deliberate restriction but a bug in the system which has now been resolved. :)
I love club crossdressing as I have found the real me in the desert so far from home
Well worth joining, had loads of fun and contacts ever since, but could you please get rid of the annoying survey thing when we log in, I've voted already so it is pointless, just delays me and gets up my nose.
I would just like to thank all those who have taken the time to chat and leave kind comments in mail to me, and to also thank those who have looked at my profile pictures.

i joined this site (which i found by accident) because i had a problem with the moderators on a Sissy, Club, who in their own wisdom decided that the word 'faggot' was derogatory, and when i tried to explain it was an English meatball type of lunch, i was derieded and called a liar basically.

Anyway enough of history.

I love this site, the kindness of all the participants, members and non-members, who have such a variety of pictures to show, with no nudity at all,

Long may Club CrossDressing continue to thrive
I joined this site about 6 weeks ago. I was a refugee from another site which semed to be having several problems lately. I have met such a variety of people of different ages and genders and all so far have been lovely people. No nudity of any type, just great pictures to drool over, he he. Many, many thanks for the opportunity to become involved.

Looking forwrad to the remaining months of my package.
Thanks again,
Brian (cdlover2)
Dear support team ,
Many thanks once again for a quick and wonderful service regarding my new photos, and adding them to my profile. Once again,most grateful to you all regards, Lorna
Lorna xx

as genniferanne this is the best site that i know of out of all the rest most of the girls are the best of all and the team are absolutely fantastic nothing is to much trouble and i thank you all i am having alovely time probably the best in my life so far
Thank you so much, I love to be a part of CCD and what loverly people to chat to Debra
love this site found it by accident but had nothing but good reactions from it.chatrooms are great all people i have spoken to are friendly and open nothing snobby or pushy,plus the pics are great no nudity just great clothes and makeup and oh those legs.
Love the new look site with the photos on the left hand side. They make you scroll down and read the profiles etc.. Well done.


Ps I am so happy to be part of this scene
Hi just love this site meet so many friends love the chat but cant get on to the naughty chat why sould that be Debra

CCD ANSWER: Please contact our support team and they will help you :)

Hi support team,

Many thanks for your help regarding my photos, especially Angela I am looking forward to making some more new friends,

this is a good site which i enjoy using there are a couple of problems my visitors page is not deleting i now have over 400 on my page.. debbie.

CCD ANSWER: Hi Debs, Thank you for your testimonial. We now systematically delete visitors every month.
I'm so happy I found CCD.I haven't had an outlet to talk to other
cross dressers.that was frustrating.Now I feel so good talking to people.
I can't describe how freeing that makes me feel. I think when I get to meet crossdressers I'll feel comfortable talking to them.
Thanks again CCD. From JackieOhNo .
I had a small problem..the next day they told me where problem was, and how to remedy it Thank you

Love the people I've been in contact with.
I guess a great site brings great people together!
I really love CCD and I am looking forward to plenty of making friends!
Love, JackieOhNo. Thank you
the site is very good except for putting pics either on my profile or ccd photo rater why are they different from each other plus its very hard to download a pic on to either.debbie x
I have been here over a year now and I am like a moth drawn to a flame. There are so many friendly and fine looking women here are understanding and help me to release my inner feminine side freely without any convictions.
love all ccd and members

alison xxxx
I would like to say what an absolutely fab Customer Support Team we have here on CCD. They have dealt with my issue in a professional and sympathetic manner.

Any girls wanting to feel safe and cared for should certainly sign up here. Thankyou once again CCD for your help.

Most Fabulous Wishes

Millie Mwah!!!!!!!!!!
just wanted to say I think CCD is a fab site albeit a little bit quiet at times though. Seems as if ppl prefer some other sites etc cos they're so much busier. Anyway I like CCD mostly because it does not appear to have a pic upload limit unlike most other sites where you can only upload 10 pix max. Also I like the chatroom it is more personal that is when there is anyone in it however. Marks out of 10 for CCD gets a 9/10.
I've always struggled with seeing myself as a crossdresser, though I accept by definition , that I enjoy wearing tights that I am etc. I have used sites to try and contact others with the same fetish, kinks etc, and basically struggled to find others on mywavelength, I understand that theres a comfort level for anybody and everybody, mine just happens to reside at being a guy who enjoys to adopt a submissive role when wearing tights, Wigs and frocks just arent for me, but I respect all, and good luck to those that enjoy full crossdressing.

I was unsure whether this site would open any doors, as the site is orientated more towards crossdressers, and thats fair with me.

I have actually made 2 great contacts on here, very much into the same as myself in many ways. Am very impressed with this site, have now had a good dozen or more afternoon visits by my 2 contacts and enjoyed greatly, fully recommended.
since joining ccd my world has opened up i have met a lot of lovely people who have enhanced my dressing side of life and it is also helping me to find out what i really want and who i really am,i may not know yet but since i joined ccd im a lot closer to finding out
Hi to everyone who reads this!

Since joining ccd a while back, I would say that my confidence levels have got so much better that it's not a problem for me to express. my feminine self wherever i go and I'm not shy to go and buy makeup and try on girly thing in the store ! I don't care what people think of me because they don't pay my salary and i don't owe them any explanation ! Thank you c.c.d. for everything you've helped with!

Big hugs and kisses!

I have always hid my being crossdrsser ,untill my girlfriend caught me in her panties and bra playing with another crossdesser,Now she is with real men ,but has found these sites to keep me busy and in y place and I now love being able to met an talk to other crossdressers on your site its so much better to finally admit I am a sissy crossdresser ,Sissy Brucie
Just join a few days ago find every one so nice very good to be able to chat to other cds like myself Debra
If you have just logged in to Club CrossDressing for the first time, then you have probably done the best thing you could have done to find a CrossDressing/ Transvestite friend. I just love this site as there are so many amazing people on here and so many new friends to be found.
Thank you all @ Club CrossDressing for doing such a good job.
Just love this site i felt that i was alone in this world i had no one to talk to about my fellings and at one time was looking at some drastic moves and now that i have found CCD i feel much better and have met a lot of good members pleas keep up the good work love you all your friend maxigirl27.
Just love this site, And have meet some really nice members. keep up the good work..........
Hiyas l'm Annie been on here a good while now and made plenty of new friends though not had much chance to meet many of them yet. But this is a fresh new year and time to get out there again. So if you are going to visit Blackpool say hi as will be about.
Great site and keep up the hard work biggie hugz to all.
very long time looking for sites to pour the feminine side, I finally found a place that is very shady, thanks CCD

with love
Harry Tasha
a shelter for the crossdresser, feels comfortable here, not crowded with cheap gossip, ccd is a site that gives me peace of mind.
Love this site. I have been xdressing for a few years now and this site is one of a very few that gives the opportunity to contact other like mined people,share experiences and interact without costly fees.
Join the Club...
it is wonderful to have somewhere to meet like minded people and exchange thoughts. many thanks for beig here for us
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I accidentally came upon this site and find it refreshing. Be able to talk and express my inner feelings with members that are affiliated allows me to release my inner frustration with my fellow CCD's. Many thanks for being here.

Samantha X X
What a fantastic site. This is new to me as my dressing has always been private but now it feels quite liberating to see my photos on the site and to receive complimentary messages from other members. It makes me feel very special.
Thank you
I am a huge fan of CCD,i HAVE meet great friends and mates and adore many more
First time I've done this, but am chatting to some great people. Loving this site!
hi all at ccd, im dave, been on herequite a while, find it exciting when i log on just love looking at other cds.
i am mixed up str8 man, also bi curious, women have let me down so many times.
when i see a sexy guy instockings'susssies with high heels ,i feel soturned on @aroused, i think its down to your lovely site, that im meeting @chatting to others similar, so thanks all, at ccd ,keep up good work, by the way i love to cd in private, but only items mentioned so far, take care all

love @kisses,

dave/davina xxx
I also think that CCD is a wonderful site, balanced and nice.

I am also a member of Clubcrossdressing Zone (CCDZ), the sister site to this and equally balanced and nice.

I am very disappointed that reference to CCDZ has been removed from CCD.
Please would you publicise CCDZ more so that members of CCD can discover the site which after all, is sponsored by Club Crossdressing.

Best wishes

Jane Grey
I am a huge fan and member that is grateful for your site.I meet the most beautiful people on here shareing intimate moments createing new friends learning new ideas.Its nice to see there are so many others like me i had no idea how popular cd is worldwide.keep up the good work xoxoxoxo love you all:-0 Danielle
Love to belong to ccd.everyone here is so accepting about who you are,makes me fell at home.learning more about myself and my feelings.

thanks so much!!!
ho what a site, a tv deam, for me, and other tvs
you should pat yourselfs on the back,just fab
thank you all at club crossdressing. well where do start, thank you very much for this fab tv site you make me so happyxxxxx, so thank you babes xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
juniebaby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
this is an awesome way to meet or just chat with like minded people. Given me a real feeling of belonging.
really good site having lots of chats and fun with like minded ladies made lots of new friends only put up two pictures in gallery and inbox is overflowing with mail
it is a great oportunity to discover what part is missing from us.somehow complete me by seen my mirror intoo almost everyone from here.every time when i come i feel like returning home....i just love it.
i enjoy chatting with others of similar taste across the country and even the world. ve made many freinds
Great site! Never realised how many crossers there are about. this has been a great confidence booster for me. It is great to able to correspond with like minded people.
I have joined many web based communities over the ages, but i have to say that CCD is the best so far.

Its live and vibrant with real opportunities for us trannies to meet like minded souls.
ClubsCrossDressing is a wonderful site! Helped me out of the closet and a few months ago began meeting with another Crossdresser and made a new friend! I hope to be meeting others soon! I appreciate and welcome that this site is 'nice' and not smuty....err except in naughty chat room wink wink!

Found out about this site from the sister site which i am not a full member yet...hope to be soon so have a look at my profile on there 'nylonian'

Best wishes CCD

fetishian x
this is the great site i ever seen, sharing feminin with crossdressing for likeminded peoples.
I have been with ccd for ages and never looked back!! I have met lots of new friends and learnt so much more about my true self since i joined. I would highly recomend ccd to everone.

It's just the best site ever for us girls to comunicate!!!!!!!!!

love this site everyone is so friendly not like many others please keep up the good work

Luv this site .Nice to be able to talk with ones that feel like I do
I think this is a great site and feel so happy that I can see my brother/sisters gathered in one place as it were. It is hugely reassuring to know they are out there although occasionaly I am taken aback by the honest and frank espressions of likes and dislikes.
I think trannies become very wary of potential exploitation of themselves and find it harder than any other group to be confident and proud about ourselves. I read once that native american indians respected and valued transvestittes in thier midst because they regarded them as possesing two spirits one male and one female. I would encourage CCD to develop the site as much as they are able it has, like its users, so much potential for good in our often rather crude society.
Thank you CCD for the way in which you bring us together safe and respected here on this site. My hope is that contact discussion and greater openess can bring clarity to the gender debate and help to define a whole group of wonderful men who are often dismissed as weird or comical.
loveing all of clubcrossing very nice x
best place on the web to meet likeminded people
I've really learned to love my feminine side thanks to the great folk I have met here at ccd
i, am cut off from the cd, tv world down here in cornwall but have made some like mined friends, It's great to chat to others and have fun and a chance to meet others , but i would like to see things by countys as it would save a lot of time loking thruough so many pages other than that a great site long may it contiue, love to all, blairx
I've met so many wonderful, like-minded people here. It's really helping me to accept myself more everyday
I have been using this site for 2 weeks and I must admit is one of the best cd sites I have used.I have contacted some interesting people and have found it quite easy going.

One criticism is the terms of the site and how it works are rather vague.

Also when I open a new tab then return I am always logged out and have to login again which is annoying and time consuming.
Hi ! My name is Elvira and just want to say that since I have. Joined c . C . D , I have become more aware of who I truly am . I have moved on from being just a cross dresser to wanting to become a full time female. I just love all of you at c.c.d. and if it weren`t for this site I would probably still be confused about who or what I am! LOVE U LOTS C.C.D.! XXX ! Elvira.

On the whole this is a very good site.. east to navigate and user freindly..The chat room could be of better quality though..
hi this is a great site friendly good girls and i can be my self on here we have great tips that are very usefull and ive made some good friends carol xxx
So far I think CCD is utterly brilliant out of 10 i'd give it a 9 because occasionally I find myself logged out without actually having done so myself. Also the chat runs a bit slowly and some pages take a bit of time to load. By the way I am on 20MB Broadband with VirginMedia so I know it's not a fault my end lol.

On the whole I find CCD to be an excellent site. I enjot visting it on a daily basis and chatting too. I have scored/am scoring quite a few meetings through this wonderful CD site. Am so pleased I found it that day.

Keep up the good work CCD!!!!
I have found joining CCD a very positive experience. How wonderful it has been to discover that I am not alone and there are so many girls who feel just like me. CCD is a very friendly place to chat and meet, it is always striving to change and exceed members expectations and wishes.
Tina xxx
Great place to meet like minded people
Lovely to see a site where gender women also take part. Sad that so many do not keep coming back. Very reassuring that there are CD admirers among women and this is a place where we can find them

Firstly i would like to say thank you to to your site.Without it i would never have the confidence to talk, let alone meet and have relationships with other such caring,wonderful people.I understand and agree with the protocols you have in place,you work with professionalism and discretion rarely seen online these days.Again a big thankyou.

I have been on this site now for about 2 weeks and I have found some lovely friends and would recommend it to anyone