Hidden fem while distancing!

With not being able to get out at all with the social distancing and dead economy, I am doing little things to feel fem. I am using this time to work of getting rid of all those nasty hairs! A little more every day. Lots of moisturizing after showers, changed deodorant to one for women (unscented) :) Just those little things. Sometimes I wear fem undies, sometimes I am able to fem up my toes :)I am dying to get out again and work on getting what little confidence I had, back! Now I just have to…


Going out in Vegas

I had started going out on a previous trip to the southern US. I would go for drives, stop for gas, and pass though a drive through for food, what I think the usual starting out is for most of us I was in Vegas for part of a week for a conference, and figured I would try and get out a little. After a day on the trade show floor, I hurried back to the hotel and had a long shower, starting the long process in trying to become pretty! After a couple hours of shaving and plucking, applying my makeup…