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Boise, Idaho, United States
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Hi! Profile pic reflects how I would love to wake up looking like but doesn't represent my current reality at all. Assigned male as birth, I learned how to act masculine. Early childhood trauma possibly made it even more engrained. Now, I'm undergoing HRT and talk therapy to attempt to undo or reset my gender coding. Most often presenting as male, I am slowly exploring my more feminine side. Having not grown up being treated as a girl, it's slow going. I'm hoping to meet some friends through here to help inspire more exploration through dressing, movement, voice, piercings, etc. I'm open to dates - male or female and anything in between. t4t is especially of interest.

I have male pattern baldness - so wigs will probably be a part of my life going forward. I'm really interested in other ladies who rock the bald look though! I'm a slender with a few spots I'm trying to shape a bit better. When I dress, my style is basic.

Non-gender/dressing interests - I like exploration and adventures, especially when it comes to pursuing new culinary experiences. I'd like to cook more and learn more about how to make some of the more exotic plates.

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