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Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States
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About me:
I`m a tall crossdresser who always dresses fully. I love the classic look of stockings, heels and a corset or night gown. Basically the more Fem I can dress the better. Many years ago I realized Im basically a lesbian trapped in a mans body. I love everything Female wise. Body wise Im far from some petite little thing as Im over 6 feet tall. Like many of us I also have a belly but, a corset takes care of that mostly. My Ideal Person Another crossdresser, TV, TG or a Woman who also dresses fully. A perfect match would be someone who wears cute outfits and stockings. More importantly they tries their best when it comes to dressing and makeup. You do not have to be a model or have a perfect body. Only that you try. I have very little interest in meeting men other then maybe someday having two or three at the same time one day as a group.