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I am:
Body type:
6'1" - 6'4" 
Dont smoke 
Do not drink 
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Make Up, Nail Care, CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Stockings and Suspenders, Stockings and High Heels, Mini Skirts, Sexy Tops 
About me:

I am a cross dresser, I just enjoy wearing stockings suspenders and mini skirts for the pleasure of the look and feel of sheer nylon and smooth satins. I enjoy photography and like to pose for glamorous photographs. I am NOT looking for sexual encounters just cross dressing friendship. I like burlesque and particularly enjoy the classy jazzy music that goes with it.

About my match:

Well educated, discreet, experienced cross dresser to help me improve my look. Have their own home where I can keep my femme clothes and visit to dress, chat and enjoy being girls together. Non-smoker, moderate drinker, good conversation on a wide variety of subjects.

Reason for joining:
CrossDressing Friendship 
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patriciadelicia12 posted a new blog:
After years of repression Patricia is becoming more demanding. Having got her own high heels she is now testing the boundaries. Last week my work sent me away for a couple of days and Patricia was really naughty. She bought some Nair cream and cleared all the hair from her legs. Wow, so smooth and soft they f…
patriciadelicia12 wrote on cristinacross's wall:

Hi, Christina, I liked your blog posts. Interesting subjects and well written. Looking forward to hearing if you met up again with the very charitable young man. I have a couple of posts in the blog, ones down on page two now. Please go have a read. I think we are very similar. Be nice if you could put up a photo or two. Patricia

patriciadelicia12 posted a new blog:
I dress in women's clothing purely for my own enjoyment. I like the touch of satin and nylon against my skin. I enjoy the tight restrictive feel of lingerie; the hug of a bra, the pinch of a suspender belt, the squeeze of a corset but most of all, yes most of all, I love to look in a full-length mirror a…

Your blog was just like sharing a dream.....X


Great Blog! Thank you.

patriciadelicia12 wrote on AnnieTV's wall:

Gorgeous legs, so slim and femme, nice demure pose as well. You are an elegant lady.

patriciadelicia12 wrote on ellmat's wall:

Thank you for your comments on my blog post. You look great in your album photos.

ellmat wrote on patriciadelicia12's wall:

Enjoyed your post. I too have a wife who would not take too well to me frocking up so I keep it to myself and just look forward to those days where Elly can be herself. Maybe one day but for now, I just have to take whatever opportunity arises.

VirtualSarah wrote on patriciadelicia12's wall:

I enjoyed your blog post, and I sympathize with your situation. With a wife and kids at home, I have very few opportunities to let "Sarah" come out and play. Like you, an occasional night alone at a hotel is my only outlet. I wish it could be more but I try to take full advantage of the opportunities when they arise. My wife certainly suspects because I tend to come home from these trips with my legs shaved, and that's kind of hard to hide!

Norma689 wrote on patriciadelicia12's wall:

I have the very same problem. I suppose that lots of us have to suffer this.