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Wichita, Kansas, United States
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Hullo! Thanks for taking the time to read my About section. I have learned that the best way to describe myself is that I'm a flirtatious one! I am married to my Divine Goddess. We've been married long enough to know that we're passionately in love with each other. But we've also learned what makes us click with our kinks and fetishes. I am a full submissive. There is not even a dominant bone in my body. I crave being a little toy to my Goddess. I am completely devoted to my Goddess. I will not play with any other. However, I'll will flirt with pretty much anyone. So if you want to chat dirty, send a DM. Lastly, I love friends. Feel free to add me! Also, Goddess has allowed me to make friends, with Her approval, outside of social networks. So if you want to hang out sometime, in a purely platonic standpoint, send me a message and I'll chat with Her about it.