Just some thoughts

I'm trying to figure out more about what I want and why I dress. I love the clothes; the dresses, stockings, heels, panties, lingerie. But I would never get rid of my male clothes or go full time crossdresser. I don't feel like I should be or emulate a female. I know I am a male. If I was out crossdressed I would go to the men's bathroom. I am emotionally and sexually attracted to women. I could go top or bottom, dom or sub. I am not attracted to men. I do however like being sexy…


My first time with a man

So I guess before I start I should say that this is explicit at points. I don’t know if that is OK or not. It has been over a year since the first and only time I've been sexual with a man and it was not a pleasant experience, but I don't entirely regret trying it and want to try again; I've just been hesitating because of last time. I am hoping that sharing the experience will encourage me to try again.  So I had finally decided to try having sex with a man and, since I can&…