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Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom
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5'9" - 6'0" 
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Make Up, Nail Care, CrossDressing Scene, Hair care, Stockings and Suspenders, High Heels, Mini Skirts, Low Cut Tops, Tights / Panyhose, Hold Up Stockings, Sissy Maid Training,  
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its Been a while since I was on here regular but a lot has happened in the last few years while wife was in hospital. I got my name changed legally to rachel so all my accounts (bank, phone etc) are all in the name of rachel. I have been using this now for two year plus so now going for the gender recognition certificate when I can change my birth certificate. Only need to get one medical report from gp then onward I go. I now dress 24/7/365 as rachel indoors and out. Just love it when gentlemen hold doors open for me or let me go first. Yes despite what some people say there are some out there.

In many ways I have this site, all it’s members and staff along with my health issues to thank for making me let rachel free even though I had known since I was a wee nipper of seven when I first knew I was Rachel not the name given to me. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. I hope this doesn’t mean I will have to leave the site as I do like to chat with dressers be they cross dressers, transvestites(a name I hate there has to be a better one) or transgender. I found talking helped me during a lot of difficult times and if I can help anyone who is suffering the way I did before coming out I would like to. To see the hope return to your mind and eyes would be my way of saying thanks.

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rachel55 posted on Jenine797's wall:

Love the picture. Hope you have lots of fun on here

rachel55 posted on Lorelei420Katt's wall:

May I say I love the stockings. Hope you enjoy the club

rachel55 posted:

Just a wee thought. I will be surprised if anyone reads it let alone agree or disagree with it.
I have had visitors to my profile in the past and have indicated that like a picture or the profile. I have always been brought up to say thank you when anyone say something nice to me or does something nice for me. I do find it frustrating when I can’t say thank you for your comment or gift. Perhaps the people in control can devise a method where one can say thank you

rachel55 posted on cristinacross's wall:

Thanks for the teddy’s. something to cuddle

rachel55 posted on SissyPHTights's wall:

May I say that you have stunning legs. If mine were half as good I would be happy, alas they are not. Not even 10% so I am envious.

rachel55 posted on cdkerra's wall:

Thank you for liking my profile. Must say I love your dress. Rachel

rachel55 posted on bdfun's wall:

Thank you for your comment on my photo.

I can’t really call myself a cross dresser anymore as have now fully adopted the the name rachel ( legally) and am now waiting for a medical report so I can get my birth certificate changed. Can’t get ops due to health reasons but I know I’m Rachel and that is what counts

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