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 Candi46, CrossDresser 63  Tucson Arizona


I get home from work. I am usually tired and somewhat stressed from the hectic day. Today is no exception. I head to my room to change. Now I stop to decide-do I want to dress fem today? I open my dresser and look over my bras, panties pantyhose. I am feeling really tired and not sure if I want to spend the energy to get pretty. The pantyhose look so inviting. I am already wearing panties as I usually do under my work clothes. I decide that I will just slide them up one leg to remind myself how…

 mandylegs69, Tgirl 68  Paisley Strathclyde

ADMIRERS!!!!!! must be kidding me on.

As ive posted on myccd,a big thank you to everyone who has liked or commented on my latest main profile pic,it was taken just before a meet with a male admirer.Now i have no feelings for men, just other t-girls ,but curiosity had got the better of me and i wanted to know how i would feel being with a man.A meet was arranged with an admirer i had had a good chat with.The meet confirmed why i have no feelings for men, there were no feelings or closeness during the meet from him it was just sex.Dur…

 cristinacross, CrossDresser 78  Glasgow Strathclyde

Use you imagination

I don't want to break any 'Blogging Rules' so I am just going to give you the outline of my latest experience, My Wife and myself were driving past a local house where a new driveway was being laid by 4 strapping young men All 4 around 40/45 stripped to the waist in the blazing Sun...( excuse me while I have a deep breath and a lie down ) I was imagining them coming to my house ( Half dressed while I was fully dressed ) do a few tasks for me and inviting them in for tea and…

 gillian66, CrossDresser 53  Carlisle Cumbria

Where are you.

Hi there to all my lady friends out there. I seem to be alone here in the Carlisle area and yet notice lots of you lovelies here are on this site.I do find unfortunately that no one is willing to chat or respond to any correspondence I give. Come on girls I cannot be the only one in this area and I would love to chat to others nearby.Give me a msg if you want to talk and I will get back to you.Thans for taking the time to read this.Gillian. " All by myself" xxx

 AlexisRaye, CrossDresser 53  Coeur D Alene Idaho

The fine line

As many are aware here, I am a closeted crossdrrsser that would definitely like to become a teansgender woman. As of late I decided to push the limits, my limits, to see how much I could dress up without others noticing I am dressing up. The first order was to wear sexy, lacey silky panties 24/7. The accomplishment here is wearing them to bed and my wife not noticing. I guess I still have a use for boxers. Uggg! On certain occasions I have been able to wear a bralette to work with realitive ease…

 SexyAlice, CrossDresser 41  Penrith Cumbria

Big Day

So ladies on Friday I had one of the most empowering experience as a dresser I've ever had! knowing my wife was away until late Monday I invited a friend of mine who has known about my dressing for many years. Now this may not seem massive however I've never dressed in company or allowed anyone to do my makeup but tryst in this woman is massive so she came to mine choose my outfit and did my makeup which felt amazing to relinquish control of my dressing to another. I went into my dress…

 Candi46, CrossDresser 63  Tucson Arizona

Dressing femme is the only way to be

Hello ladies! It seems like forever since I wrote my last blog. Well, I finally have a few minutes in my busy life to share with all of you. I want to share how my feelings about dressing continue to evolve in a good way. There was a time in my life when, given the opportunity to dress, I would debate with myself about the wisdom of dressing. Now, however, things have changed. Now when I have the opportunity it is almost automatic to get into fem mode. And it is so wonderful! Let's face it,…

 Gemmamcg, CrossDresser 34  Glasgow Strathclyde

Insight to myself

I started crossdressing in my teens when I started high school.I remember reading the news of the world newspaper at the time and seen an advertisement for a crossdressing service which got me curious especially looking at before and after pic.I got in from school day after and parents were working so I took a trip to my mums wardrobe and it began from there.I slipped on a dress with tights and pair of her heels and it felt so right.Especially wearing the tights with heels which I must say is no…

 SueNZ, CrossDresser 53  Tauranga Bay of Plenty

Panic at the beauty parlour

I have for a long time been going to my local beauty parlour for waxing then IPL on my legs. Since I have struggled to grow hair on my head I also had IPL carried out so that I don't have to shave all that often. All of this has been done in the most enjoyable way even one therapist knew about my painted toes and I could just enjoy the moment while she did a treatment on my legs. I am now well known to all the staff there and am quite often used in their conversations.My wife now goes to th…

 AlexisRaye, CrossDresser 53  Coeur D Alene Idaho

HRT for Alexis

So the time has come for Alexis to take the next step. I am going to begin the process of MTF transition.In the near future I will begin seeing a therapist about my permanent change and approval for HRT. If I qualify then I will begin the slippery journey of informing my family.My first hurdle will being able to fund the therapist. Since I am not sure on the cost or length of time this may require I would welcome any info from fellow Trans on their input and experience in this process.I may need…

 cristinacross, CrossDresser 78  Glasgow Strathclyde

More of my Favourite Humour.

This is one I heard whilst on Holiday recently..............................."My Wife is really becoming selfish nowdays...she wont let me use her toothbrush any more......How does she expect me to clean my trainers now..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

 TanyaCDmodel, Transvestite 59  Winchester Hampshire


In my weakness I embraced humility and it became my greatest strength, and in my strength I found my truth, a child of creation born from the stars, as all are creation, no greater than the sky no lower than the dirt, gifted and flawed acceptance of myself and others is my virtue, and by the grace of creation go I, on mother earth I stand reaching out to the sky and stars above, balance in heart and mind, with humility as my guide. (C) Sophie

 TanyaCDmodel, Transvestite 59  Winchester Hampshire

The Voice Of My Heart

Silence manifests a stillness in early mornCalling my heart to rise to its highest selfFrom my material being inertia in thoughtStruggling against the shackles of my daily lifeTwisting my emotions to anger denying loveAwoken and alive the selfless love of spiritEnvelopes the radiant light of love within meBeckoning me to a pathway of serviceMy Truth My Way My LightMay never this worldly darkness fade (C) Sophie

 Cassandrab65, Transgender 54  Schaumburg Illinois


Well not really sure where to start day by day beimg more femme. Mid june going in to start ht. Just being me haven't dressed fully at work but for the last month or so b cup inserts and last year really haven't worn mens clothes. The best part of work is so many encourage me to do what makes me feel comfortable. I have fun with mixing and matching my new wardrobe. Slowly but surely day by day the woman in me comes out. Not sure if I'm going back to Chicago for the pride parade wa…

 EleanorSL82, CrossDresser 37  Eastleigh Hampshire

Crossdressing update

Little bit of background about me, I have been crossdressing for around 20 years since I was a very young teen. It started at first as a curiosity and mainly involved stealing tights and wearing them during masturbation. This, over time, started to define a few things about me, I started to identify more with those kinds of clothes more than the boys clothes i would wear for school etc. Then, when I got a bit older, I started to identify as something different, but not a boy or girl, but somewhe…